As a leading manufacturer of custom workwear, hi-vis uniforms and PPE, Bruxy is counted on to go beyond global safety standards – including employee identification, safety, high-tech cooling and warming fabrics. Combining this with our innovative insect repellent fabric technology, you now have a unique advantage. Plus, all Bruxy products are industrial launderable at 60 degrees.


The Bruxy Advantage

Bruxy has a clear strategic advantage to deliver custom workwear to the transport, mining and infrastructure industries across Australia, New Zealand, PNG and UAE. Bruxy is part of the Total Uniform Solutions group – a leader in team uniform and merchandise supply and manufacturing. Therefore, Bruxy can offer anything from workwear and corporate apparel to merchandise and equipment. Bruxy is built around an end-to-end service model and factory-direct supply chain, industry-leading online ordering portal and extensive procurement capability – we are your single source partner.

A More Sustainable Option

We are advocates for the environment and sustainability. We understand that workwear must adhere to specific industry and safety standards and therefore, by nature, has a limited lifespan and will typically end up in landfill. We have a responsibility to ensure our garments have a longer lifespan, and it’s through our durable fabrics and trimmings that keep the garment compliant for longer, avoiding the need to replace it as often.


At Bruxy, we want to have a positive impact on the world around us, and are also focussed on delivering ethically sourced products. Our factories and fabric mills are carefully audited so we can confidently say we only work with accredited, trusted and ethical processes.

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